Medusa’s Makeup Subscription Review [October 2017]

Hello friends! Today I’m back with another Medusa’s Makeup review. This colorful and edgy, cruelty-free brand has nestled its way into my heart. Every month I am so excited to see their bright pink mailer in my mailbox! All right, let’s get to it. 

This month, they sent out a Metal AF lipgloss, an eye dust, a cosmetic glitter, and a mascara. This is the first time I’ve tried their mascara, but I’ve received different shades of the other products in past boxes.


First, let’s look at their Metal AF lipgloss. I love this SO much. As I mentioned in a past review, it is more like a metallic liquid lipstick, rather than a gloss. It is super pigmented, and it does not budge from your lips.


This month’s shade is Kiss Me Deadly. It is a bright metallic purple and I am obsessed with it! This is a great shade if you want to try out more colorful makeup, but you are nervous at the thought of yellow or green lipstick. This is unique enough that you feel badass, but tame enough that you can wear it to the grocery store without feeling self-conscious.


As you can see, this reflects a lot of light and is very metallic.


Next, we have their Witch Lash Mascara, in the shade Black Noir. This is a lengthening and volumizing mascara, and it retails on their site for $12. There is also an electric blue and a navy blue shade coming out soon; I hope one of those will be in a future box!


The wand tip is quite thin and flexible, and lets me coat each hair easily. The formula is sticky, so my lashes were clumping together a little. However, it also gave great volume, and really made them nice and long. Check it out below!


On to the next item: cosmetic glitter in the shade Ziggy. This is a bright fuschia shade, and very finely milled.


This glitter is a beautiful color, but it does not have a high-intensity sparkle like glitters I have previously received. It has more of a matte effect.


And last we have the eye dust in the shade Night Owl, which is limited edition. This is a gorgeous mix between lilac and periwinkle, and it has the perfect amount of shimmer. I really love the eye dusts, because they always have high color payoff, and are quite easy to apply. I sometimes apply just using my finger instead of a brush.


Here is a closeup of Night Owl.


I incorporated all of the Medusa’s Makeup products into today’s makeup look. I am wearing Night Owl on the lids, Witch Lashes on my eyelashes, and the Metal AF lip paint and the cosmetic glitter on my lips.


Usually with Medusa’s Makeup, I love 3 of the products and feel so-so about the fourth one. This time, I loved all four products! This Metal AF lipgloss is rocking my world, and I really want to try every shade.

Let me know if you end up trying out anything from this brand! I hope you found this review useful.



  1. I love Medusa’s Makeup, I have been considering getting back into their subscription. I really want to try their mascara!

  2. Magen Golden says:

    I just love purple. I don’t know why but I feel it just looks good on me. I am going to have to try out a few of the lip products you mentioned.

  3. Love the idea of this subscription box and the products and packaging look amazing! Do you know if they offer it in the UK? x

    1. They do! But there is a $4 international shipping fee, which brings the cost of the box up to around $20

      1. Ah that’s not too bad! Unless I get charged with customs on top! x

  4. thenafranssen says:

    I’ve actually never heard of this! But, it looks really unique and fun and cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Bianca says:

    I just subscribed super excited !

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