Testing $1 Mascara from Shop Miss A

Hello friends! A while back, I tested out some liquid lipsticks from Shop Miss A, and I was in love! In that same order, I received a $1 mascara and I wanted to see if I liked it as much as the lippies. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this video review! To recap; I really do like this mascara. It does have a funky smell, but it is long lasting, and I quite like the definition it gives my lashes. I don’t think the name “Pro Big Lash” is appropriate, because it does have a more subtle effect. I will use up this tube, and I might just buy more when it’s out! Let me know what other products you would like me to try out. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Testing $1 Mascara from Shop Miss A

  1. The mascara looks great on you! The off-putting smell makes me kinda weary though haha! Did you manage to purchase anything else from the site?

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