Colourpop Sculpting Stix Review

Colourpop is one of my all-time favorite makeup brands. I use their eyeshadows and lip products almost every day, and quite enjoy their eyeliners. While browsing the Colourpop site recently, I realized that they carry a product that I have never tried: “Sculpting Stix”! These are sticks of products that can be used to contour and highlight your face. At $5 apiece, I decided it couldn’t hurt to try them out. Plus, I had only ever tried powder contouring, so I was excited to see if I would like this better. Let’s take a look at how it went.  Continue reading

Kate Moss x Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Review

I went to Walmart yesterday with the intention of picking up a Tide stain remover pen, and nothing else. Yet, I somehow found myself in the cosmetics aisle… This happens every time! Anyways, as I was browsing, I noticed there was a collection of lipsticks I had never tried before: Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss. There weren’t very many in stock, so I grabbed the three available neutral shades at $4.50 apiece and headed to check out.  Continue reading

How Much Does My Face Cost?

Hello everybody! I am currently recovering from having all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted, and I look like a chipmunk. It’s pretty awful; my cheeks are about twice their normal size, and my lymph nodes in my jaw are about the size of golf balls. I wanted to do a beauty post this weekend, but there is no way I’m putting my swollen face on here for everybody to see. (I did, however, make a beauty tutorial while still under the effects of the anasthesia. Comment below if you think I should post that!). Anyways, I was browsing beauty blog posts all morning, trying to come up with inspiration. I came across this post, How Much is My Face Worth, over at Currently, Lately. This is a tag that has been going around on beauty blogs, where people tally up the total cost of the makeup products they use. This is usually a pretty startling number, and it inspires people to start looking for affordable alternate brands. Today, I’m going to look in my daily bag and find out how much my everyday face costs…. I’m so nervous! Let’s go.

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December Bucket List

At the beginning of each month, I write a blog post that outlines all of the goals that I want to accomplish throughout the month. This could be anything from reading 3 books on my Goodreads list, to skydiving! This month will be a little different. Instead of having 5-6 large-ish goals, I will make a checklist with many Christmas related goals. I  might not be able to get all of them done, but I would like to attempt as many as I can. I encourage you to comment some goals to add! Continue reading

November Goals Recap

Whew! What a month! Between my final projects coming to a close at school, to my wisdom teeth complications (I’m getting them all taken out next week), it’s been a whirlwind of a month. A lot of things caught me off guard, but I still managed to meet my goals that I set up a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at how things went. 🙂

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